We Read Every Review of Kevin Hart’s New Movie You Didn’t Have To. Here’s The Verdict…

Think Like a Man

The high anticipation for “Think Like A Man Too” makes its God-awful reviews an even bigger disappointment. I get that it wasn’t “Think Like A Man,” but why should we have expected it to be!? It’s the sequel about multiple couples living out their coupled lives. The best part is over!

Inspired by Steve Harvey’s best-selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man this sequel bring the couples from the first movie back for a second round of fun, this time in Vegas. Plans for a romantic weekend take a turn and things get complicated. While it doesn’t quite make for an amazing plot, we’ve got to take a minute and be reminded of this film’s cast. Kevin Hart alone makes this, and any film, worth watching because quite frankly he’s one funny bastard. The shit he says is funny, the way he walks is funny and I’m sure the way he takes a dump is probably funny too. Then there’s Michael Ealy who’s never disappointed along with the likes of Romany Malco, Taraji P. Henson, Gabriel Union and more.

I know the reviews aren’t doing this movie justice, but I really just don’t think they get it. Watch the 106 film at your own “risk.” I’d take the chance…multiple times.

RottenTomatoes: “Think Like a Man Too reunites its predecessor’s talented cast, but fails to take their characters in new or interesting directions.”

NewYorkPost: “If Think Like a Man Too was a man, he would be the world’s worst date: humorless, shrill, speaking primarily in clichés (“what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”) and absolutely terrified of women.”

TampaBayTimes: “What happens in Vegas happens a lot in movies. Think Like a Man Too goes to the same casinos, strip clubs and pleasure pools with a fistful of jokers and an ace up its sleeve, the irrepressible Kevin Hart.”

WashingtonPost: “Think Like a Man Too, the derivative, intermittently amusing follow-up to the surprise hit rom-com from 2012, is so frenetically paced and hysterically pitched that it makes almost no room for simple enjoyment.”


NYDailyNews: “The actors make the raucousness feel as easy as the cinematic couples therapy.”

TheGuardian: “While Think Like a Man Too doesn’t do much to advance the cause of sequels trading in their numeric description for an adverbial one, this light-on-plot situational comedy gets by on the charisma of its performers.”

CBSPhilly: “Think Like a Man Too has too much Hart and not enough Story.”

NYTimes: “Things turn loud and desperate and stay that way.”

ChicagoTribune: “The sequel is a disappointing step down, and backward.”

USAToday:  “Silly, unfunny and formulaic.”

SFGate: “‘Think Like a Man Too’ brings back the cast of the earlier picture, but the emphasis is different this time. In 2012, Kevin Hart was the big discovery – he played a minor character but was the source of most of the laughs. He’s become a star since then, and so he’s center stage now, still funny like before but, alas, much of what made the earlier movie special is gone.”


HollywoodReporter: “Featuring the entire original ensemble, including Kevin Hart, as well as several new additions to the cast, Think Like a Man Too is a frantic, overstuffed follow-up that, with its Las Vegas setting, more closely resembles a Hangover sequel than its relatively restrained predecessor.”

Variety: “Although funnier and mercifully shorter than its 2012 battle-of-the-sexes predecessor, this third collaboration between manic comedian Kevin Hart and director Tim Story (hot on the heels of their January hit “Ride Along”) is an exceedingly formulaic and ultimately exhausting thing to experience.”

LosAngelesTimes: “Mostly, the movie swings wildly between mania when Hart is on-screen and relative serenity when he’s not. It gives the film a multiple-personality feel that does not work in its favor.”

RollingStone: “If you laughed at Tim Story’s first “Think,” based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling advice book for women, you’ll probably ride along for this jacked-up, Vegas-set sequel in which dudes and dolls offer sexist approaches to throwing a bachelor party.”

MiamiHerald: “The undeniable star is the diminutive comedian. He’s the glue that holds the movie together when it wanders into the weeds and starts believing it’s a serious meditation on relationships.”

TIME: “Not helped much by guest appearance from Drake, Dennis Haysbert, Kelsey Grammer and five-division boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Think Like a Man Too grinds the modestly engaging clichés of the first film into mulch. Cedric was right about his “non-tourage”: Too takes an attractive acting ensemble and makes it a non-semble. If this was the best idea the filmmakers had for an encore, they should have settled for a non-core.”



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