Trey Songz Forgives Justin Bieber: He Owned Up to It & We Need to Encourage That.


As Trey Songz gears for the release of his sixth studio album, “Trigga,” he joins Larry King for an intimate sit down. Watch the full interview here.

When King asks Trey what he made of Justin’s use of the N-Word Trey responded with this:

“I think we all make mistakes. Especially as young people. I think if I was found on tape saying some things at 15 I wouldn’t want people to see, you know? And I think the fact that he’s owned up to it and not ran away from it is something that we need to very much encourage, you know, because people do make mistakes and people do have blemishes. But to act like we don’t.”

What do you guys think? Is it time for forgive the Biebs or did he just go too far? Drop a comment below or tweet us @watchLOUd and let us know.

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