WTF Happened This Week In Sports!? Messi Bends it Like Beckham, Mayweather Gets a Scalp Massage & A Sick Dunk By A 9-Year Old


This week in sports the entire world is fixated on the spectacle that is the 2014 World Cup and we’re here to show you all the behind the goal action! That and a little league baseball player jukes out a catcher to score a run and Gerald Green tries to imitate Lebron’s off the wall dunk. Oh and let’s not forget Floyd Mayweather getting a scalp massage from some chick, presumably a hot one, in Vegas! Now, that’s a good life. Devon Watkins | @OHHLAWWD_71

The World Cup can get really hectic! Check out what happens when this goalie lets the stress get to his head!

Sometimes people on social media can be really mean, but in a funny way! Check out what song replaced the Japanese National Anthem in this video.

I always appreciate swag in a post goal celebration! Ghana definitely showed out with this one against Germany.

We end the soccer portion with this incredible goal by Messi of Argentina. Now, this is how you score a game-winning goal!

American Football training camps are coming up soon! And some of these young college players are ready to go!

This next video reminded me of two classic movies, The Waterboy and Air Bud. Take a look why.

Gerald Green of the Phoenix Suns is in the gym getting ready for next season and having a little fun as well! Take a look.

Now check out this crazy 360 from Kwe Parker. This young boy definitely gets up!

I’m always ready to see someone’s ankle get broken on the court but this is just crazy!

There is no room for softness in the paint! When you mess around underneath the rim you get jammed on! Ask this young boy in this next vine.

Who says baseball players don’t have moves!?

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time breaking in pool yet alone pull off this sick trick.

It must be good to be Money Mayweather…to have random females massage your scalp on command!! Its almost worth getting punched in the face every few months…almost.

This is what is so great about the human spirit! Check out this cheerleader flip all over the place with only one hand! Much respect to this young lady.

It’s all about getting into shape these days. However, if you are going to invest in work out equipment, you should really get something that’ll last longer than a single workout. 

We’re going to finish this party with some dope scooter stunts. Remember back in the day if you could bunny hop off the curb with your scooter you were the man!? Well times have changed and so have the standards of cool tricks.

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