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North West Hosts First ‘Kidchella’ Ever…Blue Ivy Absent


A celebration in the lives of Kim and Kanye is meaningless if it isn’t over the top and being talked about for at least 3 days. North West celebrated her first birthday in a true West-Kardashian fashion this weekend – minus the rolling cameras, but that’s Instagram’s for…

It all went down in Calabasas, California at Kourtney’s house. There was a ferris wheal, custom gifts, face paint, bouncing fun, teepees, and performances. Let’s talk about the best birthday party ever; Kidchella.

I wonder if Givenchy hooked North up with this custom made flower child outfit.  I’ve got to admit, she’s a cutie!

Kylie and Kendall Jenner blessed the Kidchella stage alongside Jaden Smith with their own renditions of popular songs.

An ode to Kanye.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the festivities…which you’re probably wondering about.

Is that a ferris wh…why, yes. Yes it is a ferris wheel.

It doesn’t stop there. Custom baby “YEEZUZ” T’s for everyone! Except the adults.

Khloe was getting in tune with her inner self and shit.

Ladies and gentlemen, thee most intricate balloon animal/person ever made.

The best part. Consider this the party of the year. There were ice-cones!

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