These 26 Tweets Will Bring You Closer To Stacey Dash, Every Man’s Dream Comes True

stacey dash

We know her best as Dionne from Clueless, one of our favorite 90s sweetheart. Today, all ‘cluelessness’ aside, she’s better known as Stacey Dash. Every week I stalk someone’s Twitter in hopes of learning something new. You’d be surprised at the things some people tweet…like the time I stalked Seth Rogen’s Twitter and learned how to roll a cross joint. GEMS.

In the midst of running through Stacey Dash’s timeline I noticed she’s damn near a die-hard soccer fan. I say damn near because aside from the World Cup, we still can’t tell how much soccer Stacey actually watches, but if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that she puts on for her Mexican side. Stacey also loves the U.S army and anything that’s got to do with it. As for her political beliefs…maybe it’s best I stay out of that. Take a look for yourselves.

Stacey STAYS putting on for the homeland.

The couple that made Stace believe in marriage.

Stacey likes to offer her followers a little bit of wisdom from time to time.

Stacey’s got favorite people in the world. There are just two of them.

These are the people Stacey wants you to follow…on Fridays.

When people come for Stacey’s neck…

Stereotypes ain’t for Stacey, man.

Mexico and soccer. These are two of Stacey’s favorite things.

Somebody out there is very fond of Stacey and apparently, she agrees.

Stacey is Pro-Uber!

Stacey supports Army.

She’s actually the reason for #ArmyBDay trending on Twitter.

Stacey RTs some pretty cool shit onto her TL.

She follows Rick Warren, who’s got some pretty dope books out.

Her and Victoria Pratt are very fond of one another.

In case you’d like to know how Patrick Millsaps and Stacey became friends, here’s the inside scoop.

Evidently, Stacey isn’t quite aware of what a “Carbone” is.

However, on that note Stacey is one to embrace her Mexican heritage.

And she knows a little Spanish too! So maybe she is aware of what a “cabrone” is. HA!

Stacey is fine with agreeing to disagree.

Stacey does NOT fuck with Obama.

It’s official.

Stacey loves Iggy’s “Fancy” single.

Stacey’s quite the patriot. Her passion for those who fight for our country is endless.

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