The 9 Best Quotables from Migos & Gucci Mane’s ‘The Green’: Verse Behavior


The Migos were hot on the southern mixtape scene for a while, but their reach didn’t stretch past the Mason-Dixon line. Then Drake dropped the infamous “Versace” remix and the rest was history. Their mixtapes YRN and the No Labels series have become cult classics. The triplet flow that everyone in hip hop is having their way with now came from them. Simply put, these guys are young trendsetters.

Gucci Mane is currently incarcerated, but he made sure that he got his project out with the future of Atlanta. Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset are back with a new mixtape titled The Green Album: Get Rich Everything Else Is Nonsense and we took a listen to it so we could provide you with the best moments from The Green Album. — Majid Tejan-Jalloh | @jidsays 

Hotpocket” (Verse 1) [Takeoff]
All white Charger pull up with the police lights
Red, blue, and white, asking questions, I’ll take flight
Run back to my trap, stash my bricks off in the attic
12 hit my spot, got saran wrap and plastic

Takeoff starts the album off right in his comfort zone, THE TRAP. The creative head of Migos give us a vivid look at the stress that comes with this lifestyle.

“Hotpocket” (Verse 2) [Quavo]
The bitches they play with the water
They splashing the work and I call em Free Willy

Whether he’s speaking about Molly water or having girls cook his product, Quavo creates a pretty nice image here.

Problems” (Verse 1) [Young Thug]
I sang to your bitch and she call me Mariah
I see and read everything round me but bibles

For some reason I believe that Young Thug is dead serious when he says this, which is scary. He lowers his voice from his usual high pitched delivery to make sure that you can understand exactly what he’s saying.

Seen Alot” (Verse 1) [Quavo]
I’m drinkin’ on lean, she poppin’ a Xan
Went to the jeweler, diamonds kick like Jackie Chan
Quavo with a little bit of Migos wordplay which usually includes jewelry, verbs like kicking, whipping, or serving; and references to random celebrities. Here we get a kicking/Jackie Chan comparison.

“Seen Alot” (Verse 2) [Young Scooter]
He ask me what that multi is
He never seen it
This nigga just another lick I can feel it

Don’t get caught lacking around Young Scooter. Scooter is dealing with an inexperienced hustler and can smell the rookie mistakes he’ll make that will lead to him getting robbed soon.

Send Me A Pack” (Verse 2) [Young Dolph]
I put on my faith in goblin, god knows I love my trap
It’s all I know, it’s all I’m bout
Turned mama’s old house to a dopehouse
Moved her out to the suburbs, baby boy done growed up

In a world that lacks morality and happy endings, you can figure that this is somewhat a dopeboy’s dream. Beyond the cars and clothes, there’s the idea that you can put your family in a better situation for their future. If you can take that away from the violence and decay, you can live with yourself.

Skerr” (Verse 1) [Gucci Mane]
I’m on my 98 chain, I make Slick Rick proud
I got on 9 diamond chains in the booth right now
They call me spending stupid, no roof it
Shawty with that gold toothes
Old Gucci, new Gucci, make you upgrade your booty

Gucci Mane is going to be gone for a while due to some federal gun charges, but that isn’t going to change his musical output. The Green Album is one of three new joint mixtapes he has put together with young artists of Atlanta. Check out all three here.

Take My Soul” (Verse 2) [Takeoff]
These bitches is fucking and sucking like leeches
The world full of devils, I wear Jesus pieces

Takeoff is just keeping it as raw as possible as he does best. This couplet should go on posters.

What You Doin’” (Verse 2) [Takeoff]
I got zone, y’all niggas ain’t getting no money
Macaulay Culkin, you’re home alone

Many disapprove of the lifestyle that the Migos live, but a part of that is due to the fact that they aren’t in that position themselves. Migos is out here living a fantasy while haters sit in four cornered rooms staring at candles (no shade to the Getoboys).

Verdict: The Green Album gets straight to the point. Migos lay their trap game down and enjoy the benefits of having a legend in their circuit share a project with them. While the mixtape has it’s moments, it doesn’t have a defining one that tips the scales like songs like “Handsome and Wealthy” and “Hannah Montana” have done in the past. A nice addition to the collection nonetheless.


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