Miley Gets Snoopified, Jhene Aiko Threatens Twitter Fan & Uh, What’s Going On With Bow Wow’s Hair?: Best Tweets of The Week


Forget all the fad and crash diets, Joe Budden knows the best way to lose weight…

Some of XXL’s 2014 Freshman Class hang out backstage.

Welp, can’t imagine Plies being in a relationship any time soon!

Snoop is definitely feeling the fact that Miley Cyrus is suited and booted in her Snoop Dogg apparel!

Mike Epps could call your bluff, BUT he chooses not to so continue. Ha!

Now do we honestly believe these words came from Lil’ Reese, ummm nah.

Because telling the truth is definitely overrated, Lol!

Bow Wow is no longer Bow Wow, and I don’t think anyone can get used to that!

Speaking of Bow Wow, oops I mean Shad, imagine if he showed up to your date like this! Ha!

Rick Ross may have lost 100 lbs, but I’m pretty sure we’re more interested in the 100’s in his pocket…

Some practical flirting tips from Meek Mill himself, I guess he’s quite the romantic when it comes to emojis!

Rapper metaphors, will we ever know exactly what they mean?

We usually get one tweet a week from Gambino, but this week I guess he isn’t feeling Twitter so much..eh.

Okay that looks a bit excessive Soulja, but I’ll just leave this right here…

Straight like that, cause Jhene don’t play!

Compiled by: India Lea | @MadeIn_Indiaaa

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