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WatchOUT: Rick Ross’s Health Kick is Working Overtime, Get Closer to Stacey Dash, Find Out What’s Next For Angie Martinez & More


There’s never a dull moment in the world of entertainment. This week we found out that Rick Ross was serious about his health enough to transform into a whole new person! Will he keep up the hard work? At least we know Angie Martinez is going to continue to put in hard work and bless a new set of airwaves. She spoke on her transition to Power 105, her feelings about leaving Hot 97 and plenty more.

Along with the Voice of NY, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Drake, and Lil Wayne also stirred up the blogosphere this week with shocking pictures, a brand new tour and a new TV network for the advancing generation of Latinos. As far as the world of social media, Jeremy Meeks aka the #FelonBae dominated the Internet with his mug shot, Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his 8th annual belly flop competition and Stacey Dash lets us in on her life through her timeline.

And good news for all battle raps fans: the most epic battle in history will be available on Pay Per View. So while you’re left thinking if Carmelo Anthony will ever leave the Knicks, catch up on the biggest stories of the week here.


Jennifer Lopez Appears On The Breakfast Club & Charlamagne Goes For The Kill

J.Lo stopped by Power 105 to discuss her new album AKA, her venture with her new TV network Nuvo and her life as a single mom. Charlamagne wouldn’t let her go without putting down some sly phrases to intrigue the international icon. Here’s 10 creepy things Charlamagne told Jen during the interview.


The Complete History on How the Drake Vs. Wayne Tour Came to Be: #HipHopFanFic

Drake & Lil Wayne revealed that they will be hitting the road for the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour this year. But how did this genius idea come to fruition? In this week’s #HipHopFanFic, we get to see what led up to the creation of the tour.


Rihanna Graces The Cover of Another Magazine & Covers Up… Completely

Rihanna’s face surfaced on the cover of another international magazine this week. Only this time, she is covered from head to toe. In Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, RiRi is dressed in the most elegant, arabian clothes in existence and doesn’t even show her cleavage. She took to Twitter to reveal her cover.


Rick Ross is Looking Healthy After Shedding Major Pounds

After going through some health problems this past year, Rick Ross finally took his health seriously and hit the gym. Last month, pictures of him and DJ Khaled working out surfaced showing his dedication. Now, with the release of Khaled’s new visual for “They Don’t Love Me No More“, the CEO of MMG is looking 100 lbs lighter and a lot more healthy. Check out his progress.


We’ve Got Some “Unsolicited Advice” For Jeremy Meeks aka the #FelonBae

Jeremy Meeks’ mug shot dominated social media this past week. After photoshopped pictures of Meeks in Gucci, Calvin Klein and other brands’ advertisements, there was a call for his immediate release so that he can pursue the modeling business. Check out what we have to say to Meeks here.

stacey dash

These 26 Tweets Will Bring You Closer To Stacey Dash, Every Man’s Dream Comes True

When you do you get a close-up on Stacey Dash? Thanks to Twitter, we’ve learned a few things about the light-skinned beauty from “Clueless”. Aside from her political views, Dash is an avid soccer fan, preferably for Mexico’s team. She also loves the US military and will support them in any way. Check out more about Stacey Dash here.


Jimmy Kimmel’s 8th Annual Belly Flop Competition brings out the best of LA

Jimmy Kimmel premiered his 8th annual pedestrian belly flop competition this week. The contestant were definitely worth watching as they go stomach-first into a pool. Check out the results here.


Carmelo Anthony Keeps The NBA on Their Toes Again by Speaking About His Free Agency

Where will Carmelo go? The Knicks player has also opted out of his contract with the Knicks and now has a lot of decisions to make. He’s already 30 years old and in the prime of his career. Where will he end up? Listen to what he has to say about it here.


Angie Martinez Speaks About Her New Slot at Power 105, Leaving Hot 97 and More

The Voice of NY has announced that she will be moving her show to Power 105. This week, she stopped by the Breakfast Club to discuss her decision, what her next moves are and her feelings about leaving her home at Hot 97. Check out the full interview here.


Eminem’s ‘Total Slaughter’ Will Play on Pay Per View

Good news for battle rap fans everywhere! You can watch the Total Slaughter event live on PPV at 8:00pm ET on July 12, and through On Demand Replay following the event, beginning 1:00AM ET July 13, through July 26. Available on iN DEMAND cable affiliates across the U.S., Caribbean and Canada, as well as online on PC, Mac, and both Apple and Android mobile devices, the event can be ordered for $19.95 at www.TotalSlaughter.tv

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