WTF Happened Last Week In Sports?! Miami’s Big Three Opt Out Their Contracts, USA Stumbles Into Round 16 & Nick Young Gets Crossed By A SECOND Grader!


WTF happened last week in sports?!

Lebron James opted out of his contract and Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh followed suit. Nick Young gets faked out by a second grader—yes a second grader. And the USA backed their way into the round of 16 after a heart-breaking tie to Portugal.

All that and more on THEE official Sports Vine Editorial…because we know you can’t always catch them all and the last thing we want is for you to be deprived of a classic vine. Your welcome.  Devon Watkins | @OHHLAWWD_71

We start off with King James and his two loyal knights, D. Wade and Chris Bosh. The trio decided to opt out of their contracts with the Miami Heat, making them free agents. Of course, social media went crazy with the Memes. Check out some of the best ones down below.

Next we take a look at who could possibly be the next big superstar in the NBA, Andrew Wiggins, who got drafted number one overall in the NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Good for him but I can already tell he is going to make bad decisions with his money by looking at his jacket! Maaaann…

Y’all Remember The Professor, that nasty white boy from the And 1 Mixtapes? Well, he’s overseas playing ball and he still has the skills to break anyone’s ankles.

Nick Young has been on the blogs alot lately since he started dating Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Well, this week he made headlines without Iggy. Watch him get Diddy Bopped on the court by a 2nd grader!

Some guys just don’t know how to defend the crossover! Check out this kid get crossed into a truck.

We look at a lot of different football and hockey hits, but rest assured we won’t forget about lacrosse. Those boys can throw down! Check out a couple of crazy lacrosse hits below. Hov, you were totally wrong about this being a soft sport. 

Now, lets take a look at the amazing game played by the USA when they matched up against Portugal in the 2014 World Cup. The game started off rough with an early goal by Portugal, but things turned around, and fast with this goal by Jermaine Jones.

Everything was looking good for the USA after taking a 2-1 in the second half. Then with 30 seconds left Portugal comes back and scores this monster of a goal to tie the game.

The USA ended up stumbling into the round of 16 after losing to Germany later in the week. Soccer can be a rough sport as well. Check out this Mexican player get kicked right in the face!

Summertime for football players equals a lot of camps and 7-on-7’s. Check out this amazing catch by the receiver after the defensive back missed the interception.

Onto the next football camp. Watch this receiver juke out everyone and their grandmother on this amazing play.

It’s time for some baseball. Check out Josh Harrison of the Pittsburgh Pirates beat this rundown with amazing run skills.

Male cheerleaders tend to be the butt on everyone’s jokes, but these dudes need strength to pull off most of the stunts they do. Not to mention they get to look up the cheerleader’s skirt, which is pretty cool, too, amirate?

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