Nicki Minaj Crowned The Best, Again. Then Tells Everyone, Including Iggy Azalea.

nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj takes home the crown for best female hip-hop artist. Are we surprised? Not that I’m in question, but there aren’t many other options to give her a run for her money. Oh and that natural look, YAS GIRL YASSSSSS.

During her speech, Nicki reflects on becoming a better rapper after being yelled at by Wayne for taking too long to write a verse: “You can’t be taking all these days to write a verse,” he’d bark. Guess we should all thank Wayne eh? And with no shots fired Nicki declares herself one of the only rappers to still make listeners think with her use of metaphors. I love that she’s got no case on her iPhone ’cause neither do I, but that’s completely irrelevant. Young Money ’til the death of ME!…I mean her. 

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