The 17 Best Quotable’s From Ab-Soul’s ‘These Days…’: Verse Behavior

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Ab-Soul is the dark horse of TDE. He’s not willing to bend over backwards for radio play and sticks to his distinct personality and traditional mastery of rapping to further himselfand it’s been working out quite well for him. Ab-Soul is conscious, but makes it fun. He’s like the day in class where the teacher lets everyone watch Troy to learn about ancient civilization. Now add that to the fact that he’s ridiculously nice at rapping.

These Days was released very abruptly. The independent release date was announced in the same month that it came out. The project’s informal roll out left it up to quality and quality alone to sell fans on the album. We have no doubt about Ab-Soul as an artist, so let’s take a look at the best moments from Ab-Soul’s These Days.Majid Tejan-Jalloh | @jidsays  

God’s Reign” (Verse 2)
Got your kid studying outside of class/
Every project that I dropped she bought em, so now she read more than she Red Bottom

Anybody who listens to Ab-Soul would say that this is an accurate quote. How many of us hit google to figure out what a “Pineal Gland” was after Control System? Ab-Soul is a rapper for the THINKING MAN.

Tree of Life” (Verse 2)
I got most of you mothafu*kas stumped/
Rap like I go to church with work in the trunk

He’s a paradox, or better yet—an oxymoron like his TDE brethren Schoolboy Q. His lyrical content shows us that he’s very intuitive and well-read, but his lifestyle is a drug induced haze where he’s surrounded by the G’s and the hustlers.

Hunnid Stax” [Schoolboy Q] (Verse 2)
Fi-Fig- Figueroa, gotta a .45 right here up in my coat/
You can have my ho but don’t hit my dope

In case you didn’t know these are the values of your favorite hoover crip. You can have the girl, he’ll keep the weed.

“Hunnid Stax” [Diddy] (Outro)
What? It ain’t no more to it! Soulo eatin’ now! Tell ’em Puff said so

Diddy is everywhere these days. After the Fiat commercials and records with MMG, where else could he go? At the tail end of an Ab-Soul song of course!

Dub Sac” (Verse 3)
Getting women in the mood/
We tell the truth up in the nude/
Breaking news, breaking news/
I’m enlightening like Pikachu

The first part of this is just real. After lying naked in the nude, there’s not much else to lie about unless you’re having an affair. The last part shows us what Soul can do with the words. Nice Pokemon reference with the wordplay.


World Runners” (Hook)

Cause some people chase the world/
Other people let the world chase them, yo

Some people are go-getters, but then there are those who realize that it’s better to let things come to them naturally.

“World Runners” (Verse 1)
You feel like a prince in a pharaoh’s pyramid/
Scheme turned dream turned nightmare on Elm Street/
Ye ain’t got your heart in the right place/
How the hell you plan to stay on beat, on beat?

Soulo drops a crazy analogy for those with bad intentions. Those who scheme with ill intent may feel the wrath of Karma.

Nevermind That” (Verse 2)
Balmain bikers, never rode a motorcycle, no denial/
I just got em cause you got it, when you got em (HAH)

I think this line captures the message Ab-Soul was looking to send in this song and throughout this album as well. He understands that high end fashion is a symbol of “making it” moreso than something that he’s actually interested in. He knows it’s a cliche, just as boasts of “real nigga sh*t“ and girls twerking has become cliche These Days…

Just Have Fun” (Verse 2)
I just wanna teach you all about the mind/
The power in it, the very power of mine/
It makes sense I take interest in the third eye/
Due to my lack of sight, I guess it’s a sacrifice

Ab-Soul’s goal is to teach us the power that the mind possesses. They say we only use 2% of our brains so the information in his verses may be pretty useful. Ab also suffers from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a condition that makes his eyes highly sensitive to light. It’s a struggle Soulo chooses to embrace and cites as a reason he’s so in touch with his third eye, or his soul.

Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude” [Kendrick Lamar] (Verse 1)
So These Days, a little blood on my hands ain’t nothing compared/
To hopping out a minivan, with a mini 22 3’s and the homie TuTu/
And two more YGs/
Oh nobody got time for that!/
These Days it’s only time for rap!

King Kendrick gave us a little taste of what to expect from him later this year. These bars feature Kendrick telling us how strong of a grapple his city had on most of it’s youths, and how lucky he was to escape it. Check the slick wordplay in there too.

Closure” (Verse 3)
I know I said it’ll be just one time/
But it felt so good that I came back twice/
And I take full blame/
But in this world of selfish men/
You keep your heart inside your chest/
And not in someone else’s hand

Ab’s just speaking on the natural feeling us men get when it comes to sex. When it’s good we want more and sometimes we don’t care if someone else gets hurt in the process.

Sapiosexual” [B. Diddy] (Intro)
Great minds… fu*k each other/
Uh, Let-Let me fu*k your mind

A nice play on the old saying of “Great minds think alike.”

Stigmata” (Verse 1)
Watch with the internet alone I enlighten the whole globe/
That’s iTunes from a nigga with astigmatism/
I got it from my moms, thank you Steve Jobs/
You took my grandpa job and you gave me a job/
Not just a physical but digital way of displaying my rhymes

Ab-Soul realizes that we are in the internet age where everything can be had in a digital space, including selling music. While acknowledging Steve Jobs in a positive light for giving him an opportunity, he also throws shade at Jobs because of how internet piracy is one of the main reasons his grandfather’s record shop business declined.

Feelin’ Us” (Verse 1)
I ain’t even have too many haters/
All my niggas knew I was gon’ make it

Ab-Soul spoke on his past life during his Breakfast Club interview and in this one here. He says he’s never had to deal with too many haters or enemies in his past life which is something you’ve never heard from a rapper.

Ride Slow” (Verse 2)
What’s that a K? Put that away, no weapons formed against, me… shall pass/
Remember that? I’m biblical with this sh*t/
The tales from the Crip, on the soul of Sunday schools finna flip
Oh! (blow)

Soul has also stated that he grew up in church. His strong religious upbringing juxtaposes nicely with his twisted view of the world making the character of Ab-Soul one of the most interesting in hip hop today.

W.R.O.H.” (Verse 2)
How the fu*k you say I sold my sprit?/
I’m still taking blows at the Senate/
Claims of Illuminati, I’m just tryna Illuminate/
Praise to the most high, God, Jah, Allah, Yahweh

After hearing songs like “Twact” and “Nevermind That” some may think that Soulo has gone soft. Negative. Songs like those serve their own purpose, but Ab’s main goal is to kick knowledge and enlighten.

These Days” (Verse 1)
So I should be happy, but this sh*t is stressin’/
Staring at heaven like ”fu*k is perfection?”/
I’m popping downers to deal with depression/
Cause when you the plug here come the finessing, finessing/

After a verse where Ab likens himself to Jesus he comes back to reality. He has everything he could ever want, but it’s still not what he thought it would be. He still feels like he isn’t good enough, he’s depressed, and his new found fortunes have made him a target for those looking to get something for nothing.

Verdict: Ab-Soul’s These Days is a solid effort and a standout amongst much of what’s come out this year. We get to see different sides of Soul. You’ve got the genius you fell in love with (“Tree of Life,” “Stigmata,” “Sapiosexual”), you’ve got the hippy at heart (“Twact,” “Just Have Fun”), then you get moments where he stands back and lets the rest of TDE get in on the action (“Hunnid Stax,” “Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude,” “Feelin’ Us”). It all comes together to form a well rounded album from TDE’s dark horse.

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