Over 50,000 People Want This 19-Year-Old Cheerleader’s Facebook Page Removed

19 year old girl hunts

Kendall Jones is a 19-year-old cheerleading from Cleburne, Texas who enjoys hunting in her spare time. No big deal right? Wrong.

kendall jones petition

Her Facebook page has been the talk of the town recently as anti-hunters come together with efforts of having her page removed. They claim she promotes animal cruelty and want a stop to it all. With a goal of 75,000 signatures, the Kendall Jones petition currently has over 50,000.

Here’s Kendall striking a post with her handy dandy rifle over an elephant.

kendall jones elephant

Here she is with her camera crew and her far from alive friend.

kendall jones hunting

Here’s Kendall with a Rhino. She wrote:

“While all of the ANTI Hunters were hiding behind a computer writing repulsive comments and issuing death threats to me, well I was out doing a White Rhino Green Hunt. I darted a white rhino and the Vet drew blood samples, DNA profile, cleaned out and medicated a leg wound and gave several shots of antibiotics. The Rhino woke up great and will now be a part of a DNA databank fighting against anti-poaching. Again doing my part in conservation to make a difference.”

kendall jones rhino

This one’s my favorite. It still looks alive. Wait…maybe it is.

“Another harvest for today…. White springbok, it’s 1 of the 4 color shades of this animal! And let me tell you it’s one of my favorite kinds of meat so far!”

kendall jones springbok

Rest assured, Kendall isn’t losing sleep. In a Facebook post she wrote:

“All the anti-hunters posting negative comments and sharing my photos on their page has helped me get over 600 likes in the past 48 hours.”



What are your thoughts? Should Kendall Jones be stopped? Or do the anti-hunters need a little more education on the topic?

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