Drake’s Itching To Make A TV Comeback, But We Don’t Want Him To Stop Rapping


At the top of the year Drake took over SNL with skits in abundance and that was cool. In fact, it was better than cool. It was pretty damn entertaining and if you missed it you should consider yourself lucky for living in such a digital era where you can use Google or just click here to watch.

In April Drake tweeted about hosting this year’s ESPY Awards letting us know he was about to make another TV debut.

Well, here’s the promo video and I’ve got to admit, Aubrey is looking sharp. First SNL and now ESPN. While I’m sure his Degrassi days are very much over, I don’t doubt this is the last time we’ll be seeing him on TV and I’m not talking live concert footage.

This 30 second clip highlights some of this year’s best moments in sports. You can catch it in full July 17th at 9PM on ESPN…with Drake.

Just you, Drake and the ESPYs…together. Who’s excited?

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