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We Caught Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Shackin’ Up (Photo)

lil wayne christina milian

lil wayne christina mil

It looks like Christina Milian’s moved on and it hasn’t taken long…at all.

The singer was spotted leaving this year’s B.E.T. Awards with rapper Lil Wayne and you know there’s no such thing as carpooling in Hollywood! The two were seen leaving Hollywood’s Playhouse nightclub together.

If none of that is enough to convince you, the lyrics to Tunechi’s “Tina Turn Up needs a Tune Up” ought to shift your decisions.

Wayne’s concludes his intro with:

I take your Tina, I take your Tina Tina Tina Tina,” (Christina being short for ‘Tina”).

But the shots don’t stop there.

“She need a king, fuck the prince
You a queen, not a princess
You a queen, let’s have a princess”


lil wayne milian

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