Total Slaughter

Aye Verb & K-Shine Square Off in “The Chopping Block”


The Road to Total Slaughter has been a long one, but it’s not quite over yet. In the latest installment of “The Chopping Block”, battle rappers Aye Verb & K-Shine open fire while posted up in the official house of the Total Slaughter contestants. With Cortez & Math Hoffa chillin’ in the cut, the back-and-forth debate between Verb & Shine stays heated throughout their entire exchange. However, once the challenge was made for them to step into the ring, the conversation turns into a rush of adrenaline that’s felt right down to the last handshake.

Don’t forget that tickets for the biggest event in battle rap history are still available! For those that plan to watch it live from home, log onto the official Total Slaughter website and make sure to order it now.

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