WTF Happened In Sports Last Week?! USA Gets Eliminated, Melo Goes On A Free Agent World Tour & There’s Nothing Tim Howard Can’t Protect

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There’s a lot of soccer fútbol action going on as of late and rightfully. I mean, the World Cup is currently taking place. Unfortunately enough, Team USA lost, but Tim Howard came out a winner. Naymar of Brazil broke his back and our condolences go out to him. Carmelo Anthony take a dive into the ocean of free agency and we’ve got a look at all the possible jerseys he might be wearing next season. Scroll below and let us know your pick in the comments section below. Devon Watkins | @OHHLAWWD_71
Let’s start with this unfortunate demise of Team USA in the World Cup. After a gut wrenching loss like that you tend not to be in a friendly mood and that was exactly how Tim Howard felt in this video.

Even though the USA lost, goalie Tim Howard still had an amazing game with 16 saves. The most in World Cup history! A lot of people now Beleive that Howard can protect almost anything!

Brazilian star Neymar has been unstoppable in these World Cup games. But sometimes he has problems staying off his feet.

This is the fall where Neymar broke his back and with no one around, there are a lot of speculation on how it happened

Check out the Argentine coach almost (literally) fall out after a bad play.

Check out this sick soccer video and let us know if it’s real…or nah.

I know flopping in soccer can get bad but this is next level flop age.

Carmelo just recently went on his free agent tour visiting the Mavericks, Bulls, Rockets and Lakers. It’s a toss between what team he wants to play for. I call this one: “Six Shades of Carmelo.”

Everyone knows that one kid in the park that plays basketball way to hard!

In honor of our country’s birthday I give you…the firecracker shot!

Check out this sick triple backflip on a tricycle. First one ever to be done!!

Check out this crazy tennis trick performed at Wimbledon.

This wouldn’t be a good sports tribute if we didn’t have some billiards tricks in here!

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