Everything You Need to Know About Jeremy Meeks In A Series of Tweets & Facebook Photos…Who’s Got His Twitter?

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If you’ve been living in a box and know not of Jeremy Meeks you’re about to get real acquainted and real fast. Here’s what we know:

– His mugshot was released in June and it was just a matter of time (not a lot of time) before his picture was thrown under the rays of PhotoShop. Edits of his mugshot omitting his neck and teardrop face tattoo, which is often symbolic of having killed someone, were made and quick.

– The internet went in a frenzy (specifically women, but not limited to).

– He’s 30 years old facing 11 felony charges with a bail set at $1.1 million. – Women all over the world have started petitions and pleas to let him loose.

– Surprise, Surprise: He’s been offered a modeling contract by Blaze Model & Talent Management in LA. (About time).

– His manager: Ex-Pornstar Gina Rodriguez, who’s also managed not-so-teen-anymore mom Farrah Abraham.

Needless to say, Meeks’ wife (sorry ladies) is nowhere near pleased with everything that’s been going on. It’s bad enough he’s stuck in the slammer. The last thing the family needs is for Meeks to be the center of every female in America’s attention. I mean, after all…Meeks is a real person too…who is about to make a serious come-up out of going to jail. #WhereTheyDoThatAt?

Meek Mrs. Meeks everyone.


Baby Meeks.

jeremy meek

The Meeks’ Brothers.


Sister Meeks.


Momma Meeks. Ladies, she’s who you ought to thanks.




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