Karrueche & Chris Brown Break Up…Again, Rihanna’s on The Prowl

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Chris Brown has been enjoying letting freedon ring and he’s not being shy about it. The R&B star celebrated Independence Day with on and off girlfriend Karrueche Tran, and by the looks of it they had a grand old time. Of course, we all know events don’t really occur unless they’re Instagramed…

Karrueche’s almost bare bottom was revealed on Brown’s Instagram page. To our dismay the post that has since then been deleted, but that’s not the only thing that’s been removed. The couple ex-couple has removed all pictures of one another. Remember that sweet welcome-home-we’re-here-to-stay-Rihanna-kiss-my-ass kiss picture that Karrueche posted moments after Chris got out of jail? Gone.

According to LatinPost the couple’s actions on social media follow Brown’s recent frustration about Tran partying without him. Brown was apparently not stoked about his girl out at a Socialite Sundays event hosted by Brandon Anthony’s Socialite House in West Hollywood on June 23rd.

“Chris was annoyed that she was out. Chris really hasn’t been enjoying the club scene as of late,” a source close to Brown revealed to Hollywood Life.

“Kae was in a good mood but spent a majority of the time responding to a lot of his texts. She even stepped outside of the club to take a call … but when she went back inside, she shut off her phone so she could really enjoy the rest of the night.” You go girl!

“It more so just seemed like he kept checking up on her, very obsessively,” the source added.

Despite Chris Brown’s persistent texts, Karrueche Tran continued to party until 1 a.m. “Kae was drinking and dancing and having a great time,” the source said. “She and Christina [Millian] had a blast. They were at a table with bottle service.”

And then she Instagramed this…

My spidy senses tell me Rihanna’s all up in CB’s inbox right now. 

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