Total Slaughter

[EXCLUSIVE] Big T Airs Out Frustrations With “Road to Total Slaughter,” Calls Joe Budden “Petty Joe”

big t 2

Before the series finale of “Road To Total Slaughter” premieres on Fuse TV at 12 am ET this Wednesday, Big T has some shit to get off his chest.

The Chicago rapper sounds off about T-Rex’s surprise appearance in the first episode (which you can watch uncensored right here), saying that anyone Rex picked would have lost without enough preparation. Then he admits that Budden misjudged the battle between Arsonal and Daylyt in episode two (available uncensored right here), which Daylyt won. “Daylyt was doing his little weird shit he always do, but at the same time he wasn’t battling,” says  T, who even goes so far as to call Budden “Petty Joe.” Shots fired? Watch below for the full clip.


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