The 7 Best Quotables From Cam’ron’s 1st Of The Month EP Vol. 1: Verse Behavior


Cam’ron has been out of the spotlight for quite some time now, but that hasn’t stopped Harlem’s general from making his fair share of noise. Whether he’s tying a cape around his neck at a fashion show or starring in A-Life ads, Killa keeps himself pretty busy. With that said, as much he does outside of the booth he comes back to the music and delivers for his loyal followers.

Cam’ron’s 1st Of The Month EP is the first installment of what will be a monthly series where Cam says he will release an EP with a mini-movie once a month for the next six months. This is the first go-around, let’s take a look at the best quotables from Cam’ron’s 1st Of The Month Vol. 1

“Otherside” (Verse 1)
“My father died from AIDs, in the wind was his health/
I don’t care, fuck ‘em, he left me to fend for myself/
He smoked Angel Dust, and my kitchen was funky/
Tried to tell me what to do, I don’t listen to junkies/
Two pieced him at Nana crib, his tooth was broke/
Then started sellin’ the shit my mother used to smoke”

How many of us can say that we have a past like this? Cam’ron starts off the album delving deeper into his past than ever. The anger that arose from having drug addicted parents worked out in Cam’s favor, but this is as real as it gets.

“Funeral” (Hook)
I’m at my man funeral/
Looking at his girl cry/
Preacher saying he a good man/
Man that’s a fucking lie

This hook catches you off guard and captures your attention immediately. A personal favorite off of the EP.

“Funeral” (Verse 1)

Wanna tell his mother that, “Your son was a fucking rat”/
I wish that I could be like, that’s what I’m here to say/
For two years he wore a wire, so we all here today/
Then I seen his paperwork, it was hotter than tabasco/
And all I could think about was Donnie Brasco

“Funeral” is Cam’s creative moment on the EP. He puts us in the moment of being at the funeral of friend where he was the man behind the death. An associate of Cam’ron turned snitch and he was not having it, so Cam decided that it was his time to go. For comparison purposes, Cam’ron has a Bishop in Juice moment here.

“Talk About It” (Verse 1)
She said – “You ain’t relevant.”/
Oh, that’s if you tellin’ it/
Ask A-Life, my face they just be sellin’ it/
Got movies moving, moving units in 42 countries..

The first verse of “Talk About It” features Cam having a conversation with a young lady who thought he fell off. Pssht. Cam lets her know about all the business he’s been handling from fashion to cinema.

“Talk About It” (Verse 1)
I can take a few, matter fact I done ate a few/
But you a Play-doh hoe, I don’t know what to make of you

The conversation continues with Cam being a little dismayed by the young lady’s ignorance, which brought out this witty little bar.


“Put It In The Sky” (Verse 2)
From a hell town, where God’s children are hellbound/
ATF, CIA, FBI, DOA, what the hell now?/
DT’s, DA, DEA, feel like K-Solo on “Spellbound”

Harlem isn’t all flashy gear and Globetrotters. Cam lets us know the dangers that come with growing up in the concrete jungle and pays homage to K-Solo’s hip hop classic in the process.

“Homicide” (Verse 1)
That beige and tan/
Made me a praying mantis/
Made 3 mil’ alone, Ohio State campus

Cam used to get it in Ohio, but we didn’t know he did it like this. This might be a little far-fetched.

Verdict: The first installment of Cam’ron’s “1st of the Month” was a moderate success. Anyone who is a fan of Cam enjoys his entertaining ‘acting’ roles where he’s clearly being himself. That accompanied with some new music could never hurt. If the upcoming EP’s sound anything like “Funeral,” I’m definitely interested in hearing more.

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