Dame Dash vs. The World: Every Culture-Vulture He’s Targeted

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Dame Dash is an important figure in the development of hip hop, especially in New York. He is one third of the team that formed a massive powerhouse back in 1996 when Roc-A-Fella records was created by Dame Dash, Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, and Kareem “Biggs” Burke. He’s responsible for shedding light on a number of talented artists throughout the years and has moved on to tackle another form of creativity currently with his Poppington Art Gallery in Lower East Side, New York. In addition to being the owner of an Art Gallery, he is also actively working on a clothing line (CEO) and directing/producing upcoming videos & movies.

For those who don’t know Dame Dash, allow this article to give you a brief introduction into his antics. He isn’t one to keep his mouth shut whenever he has an issue. In fact, he is very vocal about a number of different subjects including racism, industry control on hip hop music and urban culture, and more. Allow me to bring you up to speed with some of Dame’s most recent battles that have been aired/covered in the media.

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