Every Law Jay Z Broke On “Reasonable Doubt”


It’s been 18 years since Jay Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt hit the shelves. What happened after that album dropped will forever remain chiseled into hip-hop history. Hov’s debut severely impacted the game with his story based on his hustle of slinging drugs in Brooklyn’s Marcy projects. With notable collaborations with a young Memphis Bleek and Mary J Blige, the album solidified his place in the game and the rest is history.

Now that the album has reached 18, there are several crimes that were mentioned throughout the album like conspiracy, possession with intent to sell and plenty more. What would happen is the average 18-year-old is caught doing what Hov did in his songs? In honor of the album’s recent milestone, we decided to dissect each verse and see which bars would lead to a charge. Trolls please keep in mind, every state has different laws.

Click here for the list of cases that stack up on Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt.

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