Total Slaughter

[EXCLUSIVE] Hot 97’s Ebro Darden Talks Total Slaughter, Kendrick Lamar & Drake’s Place in Battle Rap & More


Ebro always has something to say. If you haven’t already heard, the King Troll himself Ebro will be blessing the Hammerstein Ballroom with his presence for Total Slaughter this weekend. Recently, WatchLOUD sat down with the program director-turned-personality to see how he really feels about battle rap and which successful rappers he would want to see in the ring.

He thinks Kendrick Lamar would do well in a battle but it’s clear that he wouldn’t want to see Drake step in the ring.

“Drake is not a battle rapper. He’s a song man,” said Darden. “Kendrick would be nice in a battle but I don’t think Drake or Kendrick would ever happen.”

Check out what else he has to say in the interview below.

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