16 Fashion Trends Created By Hip-Hop We’ll Never Miss



Since it’s birth, hip-hop has seen every kind of style you can imagine. Every decade, the human race managed to develop some of the most creative trends that supersedes the rest. The late ’80s was probably the most awkward time in hip-hop fashion between the cross-colored outfits and the plague of the “jheri curl.”

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As hip-hop flourished in the ’90s, so did the widespread of the “trendy” fashion ideas created by rappers like LL Cool J, 2Pac, and MC Hammer. Once hip-hop moved into the new millenium, we grew tired of those old styles and decided that the more baggy our clothes were, the cooler we would look. Between Lil Wayne’s atrocious moon boots to Sisqo’s terrible hair color, there just some trends we wish we never encouraged in the first place. I mean come on, we’ve all owned at least one piece of clothing from LOT 29 back in the days.

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Here are just some of the trends we’ll never miss.

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