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As we inch closer to Total Slaughter on Saturday, more and more news is pouring in. Today, we unveil the three judges for the event – Poison Pen, Drect, and Kid Capri.

Poisen Pen is a battle rap OG. The Brooklyn spitter honed his skills by torching opponents in New York City freestyle ciphers before landing appearances in Blaze Battle competitions and hosting Da Cypha Emcees’ Battle. He’s worked with big-time rappers like MF DOOM, Vast Aire, Immortal Technique, and many more. He’s a battle rap professional of the highest rank and arguably battle rap’s greatest ambassador.

Drect is the self-proclaimed “Steve Jobs of Battle Rap.” He founded Grind Time and made it one of the most respected battle leagues in the world by constantly booking top-quality talent. Today, his league is known as a pioneering force in modern battle rap, and Drect continued that legacy by starting Rap Grid, a website billed as “the ESPN of Battle Rap.”

The legendary Kid Capri is the final judge. Despite being known for his classic 1998 album Soundtrack to the Streets and bringing hip-hop to millions of people, he’s also quietly been one of the most consistent behind-the-scenes figures in battle rap over the past decade. Capri is the closest thing to rap royalty we have today – of course he’s gonna have a say about the greatest event in rap battle history.

“Kid Capri is a huge fan of the sport, so he knows what to look for,” Poisen Pen told us. “Drect is pretty much a vet. I don’t think there could be anyone more impartial than Drect, besides me.”

History is about to be made. Cop your tickets for Total Slaughter, going down this Saturday, at Ticketmaster right now, or purchase a Pay-Per-View package at to watch at home.

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