Forgotten Classics: The Most Disturbing Lines from Ganksta N-I-P’s ‘South Park Psycho’ LP (1992)

Ganksta Nip - South Park Psycho

When Eminem became controversial for talking about “faggots,” his abusive mother, and killing his wife, mainstream America was appalled. Here was a guy who looked like white trash, spit like Jeffrey Dahmer, and was becoming the world’s biggest star, all at the same time. Imagine what they would have thought of Ganksta N-I-P.

Ganksta N-I-P (Nation of Islam is Powerful) was a Houston rapper on the elite Rap-A-Lot record label in the early-to-mid ‘90s. He’s often cited as the principal founder of horrorcore, despite his labelmates the Geto Boys showing traces of gory, psychotic lyrics on a few songs from Grip It! On That Other Level. The first horrocore rap song ever recorded may have been on the original Geto Boys debut LP from 1988, Making Trouble, with a track called ‘Assassins,’ but Ganksta N-I-P was the first guy to fully clothe himself in the persona of a horrorcore rapper for an entire full length album.

That album was his 1992 debut, South Park Psycho, and it’s got so many disgusting, fucked up rhymes, it makes Eminem sound like Barney. This week’s Forgotten Classic takes a look at the most inventive and eye opening of those lyrics. Welcome to the mind of a Psycho.

Track 2 – ‘Horror Movie Rap’

“A tisket, a tasket, a bloody, bloody basket / Cut his head and ate his leg, now he’s in a casket”

That’s the opening line from the first song on the album, in case you weren’t sure what kind of shit you were about to be scarred by.

“He tried to get smart so we ripped out his heart / Cooked it and we split it”

NIP completes the classic nursery rhyme by not only ripping out dude’s heart, but then chefing it up and splitting it with a buddy like some tapas. Emeril Lagassi would be proud.

“Fuck up and watch your black neck bend / Dead men, making rounds, cutting throats with a violin”

The first half of that line is so Wright-esque in it’s torturous body language, it’s hard not to flinch when you hear it.

Track 3 – ‘Get Out Of The Game’ (Feat. Dope-E)

“Takin’ no shit while I’m slangin’/ Gank me, they’ll find yo lil’ mothafuckin’ girl’s throat hangin”

Dope-E tries to keep up with NIP’s ingenuity, but he’s still outdone by images of a foe’s daughter with her neck hanging out.

Track 4 – ‘Rough Brothers From South Park’ (Feat. K-Rino, Dope-E & Point Blank)

“A taste of blood, just give me a smidgeon / try sexual intercourse with a motherfuckin’ pigeon”

True horrorcore doesn’t reach it’s apex without a little bestiality. In the line before this, NIP is a little more sensitive, hugging (and licking) a dead cat on the sidewalk, but he’s got a twinkle in his eye for those pigeons.

Track 5 – ‘Black Godfather’

“Her son was found dead with a stabbed up face / ‘What about his little girl?’ She got smothered in a suitcase”

And this is after NIP cuts the wife’s head off and leaves it on the kitchen floor. Some call it “feng shui.”

Track 6 – ‘Psycho’

“It’s time for a murder, I’m finna kick ass / Breast feed newborn babies with unleaded gas”

Hats off to not just killing babies, but making them drink gas. Later they also sip lighter fluid.

“No bullshittin, you must be smoking that rock, ho / Snatch some meat out your stomach so I can make me a taco”

Again, eating dead bodies is signature NIP, and this time he doesn’t even cook the meat, he just throws it in a taco. A couple lines later he even takes a knife out of his neck and eats the meat out of his own head.

“I won’t stop shootin’ til’ somebody gets shot / a bunch of bloody cut off fingers, anybody want Red Hots?”

I know it’s deranged and I should probably seek help, but how hilarious is it that NIP frames amputated fingers as Red Hots?

Track 9 – ‘Smokin Amp’

“She died in my violent caper / ‘What happened next?’ Then Triple Six raped her” 

Ain’t no party like a necrophilia party.

“I tried to stay calm / Draining urine samples out her motherfucking arm” 

Smoking amphetamines will have you seeing some wild shit, but how do you come up with draining urine samples from arms any other way?

Track 10 – ‘Disgusting’

(BTW, he opens the track with, ”Ooooooh, open yo ass up.”)

“Went out to eat with a bitch that I hate / So I nutted in her cup to keep from buying her another shake / Raised up her dress, her pussy smelled like socks / I got mad and made her drink some period blood on the rocks”

Jesus Christ.

He raps about fucking on glass and having sex with a girl while roaches and rats eat her, but the line above sums it up pretty well.

Track 12 – ‘Slaughter’

“Ganksta NIP ain’t a joke / You find a cop hanging bloody with a nail in his throat”

A nail in the throat is old news, but a cop hanging from a wall because his throat is nailed to it? That’s a twist.

“You lady cops, yea y’all think that I’m soft / Stick my gun inside yo pussy and (gun shot) ‘cuz I’m pissed off”

Again, not the newest trick in the book, but “Slaughter” is a cop-killing fantasy, and a sicko like NIP obviously has to double down with misogyny, making the image above that much more disturbing.

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