Here’s A Story About A Girl Who Got Famous After Sending Her Father A Nude. Yes, A Nude Photo. We Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

Nyjah Cousar

A girl by the name of Nyjah Cousar, better known on Twitter as @dearfashionn, has a super #akwardmoment after she accidentally sent her father a nude. Yes, a nude. It happened on Tuesday night and if you followed her Twitter account you got a play-by-play update of the entire thing.

It started out innocently as she desperately asked followers for help. She needed to cancel a text message. Wait, is that even possible?

Seconds later, she revealed why she needed to cancel that text message.

Uh-oh. It looks like she really needs some help.

I know the man responsible for 1/2 of your existence has seen you naked before, during a time long ago, but things have change…like your body. Daddy doesn’t need to see what you going going on, or at least didn’t…but he did. Damn.


Scroll up. We can’t see the full text…

Time to meet this “dad” we’ve heard so much about. …or nah. Real. Life. “This ain’t no fucking game. It’s called “Twitter, NOT titter!” Daddy wants answers and I’m still laughing about “titter.” Unless pops has one of those.

Contrary to popular belief (or hate), none of this is a hoax or an attempt to “get famous” off of a tweet. Friends of Nyjah confirm:

Well damn Ny. Looks like you done got yourself into some shit this time.

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