Dear Meek Mill, We Think You Should Stick to Methods Other Than Twitter For Venting…Like RAPPING (Unsolicited Advice)

meek mill

Dear Meek Mill,

So you found it necessary to air out all of your dirty Wale laundry on Twitter, (and I’m not even gonna bother mentioning the shit you air on Instagram). Why is it that everyone finds Twitter to be the place to confess all their issues? It allows 140 characters at a time for a reason…so that people (much like yourself) don’t go off and do what you’ve done; rant.

Let me tell you something, it’s not all about you. Do us all a favor and grow up please. You’re beefing because he didn’t promote your album on Twitter? Who cares? I get it. He’s part of your crew…your label family, but seriously can we get any more immature?

But you’re right, Wale is hating SO hard right now. I mean he only promoted your single and not your album…like WTF, Wale? And then he posted a series of twitter rants about how you’re not loyal…oh wait…that was you. If anything you’re the one hating, give him a fucking break, pick up your panties and stop whining.

What you need to do now is get over it and here’s how I suggest you move on with your life:

  1. Work on your vocabulary. “Don’t even text me cornball”?! Good one…What are we five? As a rapper I expected more out of you. See, now if you knew the actual definition of cornball you would use it in the correct context. For example: “Meek Mill’s useless twitter rant makes him look like a cornball.” You and Azealia Banks should consider getting together and writing an album dedicated to lame-ass comebacks.
  2. Stop focusing on how other people are helping you and help yourself. You even said it yourself in your lame tweets…”I don’t need no support.” so why throw a hissy fit over it in the first place? Obviously you need to find comfort in attention seeking. Also, “don’t need no support” is just written all wrong because what you’re actually saying is that you do, in fact, need help. “I don’t need any help” would have been the correct way…FYI.
  3. Pick and choose your battles. Guess what, Meek? You have a new album coming out! Maybe you should start focusing on that rather than who promotes your album?
  4. I also suggest you learn more about what “hate” means because it seems to me that your interpretation is a lot different from the rest of the worlds’ interpretation. Do you see Wale running off on Twitter rants about you? I sure don’t. He even addressed your little temper tantrum WITHOUT ADDRESSING YOU. What an awesome guy.

I’m sorry, but if you think you’re going to come out on top for this one, you need a reality check. You lost this battle before it even started so I suggest you whip out your notecards and prepare to write a very long apology note. Quit being so damn sensitive.

Yours truly,


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