Total Slaughter

Watch All Four Episodes of “Road To Total Slaughter” Uncensored, Plus Unreleased Footage

Watch all four episodes of Road To Total Slaughter Uncensored plus bonus footage

“Road To Total Slaughter” set the rap world on fire. T-Rex crushed the competition. Dizaster and Daylyt had the closest battle of any episode. Arsonal felt cheated by Joe Budden. And it’s only the beginning.

The TV series that’s swept the rap nation is only an appetizer for Total Slaughter on Saturday, July 12, but if you haven’t seen every episode, or if you want to see ’em in their truest form, you can watch every episode, fully uncensored, below. After that, watch unreleased footage of Aye Verb and Kay Shine arguing, as well as Cortez and T-Rex battling at the House of Slaughter in Brooklyn.

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Episode 1: Cortez vs. T-Rex

Episode 2: Davlyt vs. Arsonal and Dizaster vs. Math Hoffa

Episode 3: Aye Verb vs. Big T and T-Rex vs. Marv won

Episode 4: Big T vs. T-Rex and Dizaster vs. Daylyt

Bonus Footage: Aye Verb & K-Shine Argument

Click here to see the unreleased footage of Cortez, T-Rex, Math Hoffa and K-Shine spitting bars in the House of Slaughter in Brooklyn.


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