Watch Out! Meek Mill vs Wale, FIFA Fever & Don’t Send Nudes to Your Dad

Nyjah Cousar

For those soccer fans with heart problems, I’m sure you had a rough week. Regardless of Tim Howard’s blocking skills or James Fernandez’s awesomr scoring power, USA, Colombia and the World Cup’s hosting country Brazil were knocked out of the biggest competition in soccer while Argentina is set to go against the dominant power-team Germany.

Maybe that’s what pushed Meek Mill over the edge this week. He went off on Wale on Twitter talking about his disregard for the newly-announced release date for his sophomore album. Wale responded better than the father who received nude pictures of his daughter by mistake. While we’re still stuck as to how one can mistaken their boo’s name for “Dad”, catch up on what down in the world this week.

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Meek Mill Flips Out on Wale, Says He’s Not MMG

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Nyjah Cousar

Here’s A Story About A Girl Who Got Famous After Sending Her Father A Nude. Yes,
A Nude Photo. We Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

Imagine waking up to a photo of your daughter looking sexy and naked on your own phone. That’s what Nyjah Cousar’s father went through this week after he received nude pictures of his daughter.. by accident. She failed so miserably that she could have… no she still loses.

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