Live Blog: Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don

Total Slaughter Recap

Total Slaughter has been incredible so far, but the marquee event is about to go down – Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don. We’re live blogging it. Check it out below.


10-:45 – Budden is done with his round. Hollow is up.

10:44 – He slipped for a second

10:44 -Budden asks for his last 10 seconds to be put on the clock.

10:43: – “He got guns, some ‘er jam, some came and some went / but since his Buck’s slow, he missed that whole chain of events”- Budden

10:41 – “You the only thing that stay on lean but ain’t supported”

10:40 – Budden is up for round 2. Again he rips off his mic and takes Sway’s.

10:37 – “My nigga, you got punched in your eye, it wasn’t aight / He did a blog like, “see what had happened was….yo yo, go get me some more ice.”

10:36 – “I got hella hate / nigga the day you die, we gon’ celebrate.” – Hollow

10:34 – “This is Em’s way of saying, ‘Joe, you’re free to go.'” – Hollow

10:31 – “I mean, you did have smash hits like “Pump it Up,” and…”Pump It Up,” – Hollow

10:28 – Budden throws his mic down. Round One is finished.

10:26 – “‘Cause we had an exchange on Twitter, I was disturbed some / You asked me where’s my last hit, nigga where’s your first one?” – Budden

10:24 – “To my lost fans, can’t figure what my aim is / Here I go again making another bitch famous” – Budden

10:23 – “For you, this the moment of a time / for me, this your lifetime in a moment” – Budden

10:22  – “But I’m the underdog, in fact / well 200 grand for ten minutes of work? I don’t really see a loss in that”

10:22 – “We could put up whatever he want wager, honestly for me it’s nothin’ major, this ain’t even a battle, it’s like a favor” – Joe Budden

10:21 – Hollow finishes his round. Budden rips off his mic, takes Sway’s handheld mic

10:17 – He too bitch, Floetry / He get close to me? Na, put up that Jagged Edge….i got one twelve (112) i want Joe to see (Jodeci)!

10:17 – Hollow just told Paul Rosenberg and Jimmy Iovine to eat a dick!!!

10:15 – “I was feelin weird cuz they milkin theirs but they was lazy with the payments / cut my cash in half and now I’m in a Shady situation.” – Hollow Da Don

10:12 – There was no coin toss. Both agreed that Hollow will go first

10:10 – Sway introduces Hollow. More mild applause

10:10 – Sway introduces Joe Budden. Crowd goes wild

10:08 – Sway announcing judges as Mz. Gracie, Poison Pen and  Star (of Star & Bucwild)

10:07 – Budden and Hollow are on stage

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