WTF Happened This Week In Sports?! Lebron Goes Back Home, Germany Wins The World Cup & No New Friends for Kobe Bryant

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This week in sports Lebron’s return to Cleveland causes a whole lot of controversy. It ain’t easy being a Lebron fan. Chris Bosh gets mad money from the Heat, D. Wade’s happy he’s not left alone and Germany dominates their way to the World Cup championship. If you’re an Argentina fan, I’d hate to be you right now. On another note, how do you guys feel about wake boarding? Sleep on that thought…

Let’s start this off with Germany beating the holy hell out of Brazil in the semifinal round last week. It’s very hard to fit 7 goals in one vine but I think this vine prototype pretty much sums up the whole game.

Now let’s take a look at the Final match between Argentina and Germany. Peep the game winning goal by Germany which was scored in the final minutes of overtime.


We switch over to NBA Summer League and you can tell how good the Hornets will be next year off this vine. Can’t even make a dunk in layup lines!!

Now not all the action in the NBA summer league was bad! Check out this sweet dime made by Kendal Marshal to Lakers rookie Julius Randle.

Now to the real story! After two weeks of speculation, Lebron James has chosen to leave Miami and go back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers…WOW!

Lebron’s decision not only changes his life, but the lives of his fans too! Now they all have to buy new Cavs jerseys, Cavs fans have to get their old Lebron jerseys out of the garbage and Lebron Haters have to hate a new team. Let’s take a minute and make fun of all these different fans right now!

This is what the bandwagons and cleveland doing right now?! Lol #LJ #cavs #miamiheat

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In all of the commotion, people forgot about poor old D. Wade, who was left in the dust by his old buddy!

They gona leave the homie Wade hanging in #MiamiHeat huh

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Wade even thought Chris Bosh was going to leave!


Speaking of Bosh, he must think he’s the big dog in Miami now after posting this pic on twitter.


Bosh is definitely trying to take over this Heat ship…reminds me of a movie I once saw!


It seems as if none of the big stars want to play in LA with Kobe. I wonder why?


I’ll end this with a bang. Check out this crazy wake boarding stunt!


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