The 10 Best Quotables From Young Thug’s ‘1017 Thug 2’: Verse Behavior

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You fear what you don’t understand. That is Young Thug. At first impression you think he’s this gang-banging, drug-doing mad man. Simple as that, but when break him down there’s a little more to him, personality wise and musically. Thugga has his own set of morals – he sticks to his version of the g-code. He has his own sound – he’ll hit you with a high pitched melody, then a low based triplet flow, then switch it up another two times before the end of a verse. To put it in laymen’s terms, Young Thug is just different.

1017 Thug 2 is an extension of the man everyone is talking about. Thugga is still a bit of mystery to some, but 1017 Thug 2 gives us a little more insight to who the man behind “Danny Glover” and “Lifestyle” is. Pay attention. Here are the best quotables from Young Thug’s 1017 Thug 2

1017 Lifestyle” (Verse 1)
“I’m geeked out my motherfuckin’ mind/
I got a whole lot of shit, ain’t paid a dime/
We take everything, we’ll steal the scene/
We take niggas bling, (money talk like Charlie Sheen)

Thugga comes right into 1017 Thug with a banger, drawing parallels with his stage show and his criminal activities. It’s clear that Young Thug is all about getting attention and he’s been pretty damn good at doing so for the past year from hit singles like “Stoner” to his strange wardrobe choices. As long as the money is coming in, everything’s fine.

“1017 Lifestyle” (Verse 1)
“I’ll make your white t-shirt look like Miskeen/
100 Bands got my skinnies looking like Bugle Boy jeans”

Thugga paints a picture of himself using the imagery from a brand we all remember from elementary school. I hated those jeans..


“Oh Ya” (Verse 1)
“You know we up, I’m not talking ‘bout no Foldgers/
We get 10,000 pounds of midget/
The way she walk up on a player I really thought that baby know us/
But she just wanna fuck them digits”

The delivery of this four-bar sequence captures what makes Young Thug stand out. He says it in a higher than usual pitch and lets the second bar of each couplet just sit with you and it comes together quite nicely. Ladies, pay attention – Thugga likes aggressive girls.

“Oh Ya” (Verse 2)
“You know I miss him…This shit right here to fast/
I want to kiss him/
Everytime I talk to him I wish I had a missle/
Just sittin’ back thinking what he’d be like on them crystals”

There have been rumors floating around regarding Thugga’s sexual preference after photos of him calling his friends his “love” and “baby.” This is not going to quiet any of that noise down…


“Strange Things” (Hook)
“She say she wan’ drink her some lean/
Do you know lean make you do strange things?/
Girl you know I love to do strange things…”

Thugga’s got a girl who says she wants to experiment with the popular mixed drink/drug. Before he gives her some, he wants to make sure that she knows the effect this drug may have on her. We see the effect it has on him. Nothing about this man is conventional. He uses cadences that don’t fit, he does hella drugs, he wears dresses, and he’s a blood who calls his friends lovers – and guess what? We probably wouldn’t want it any other way.

Sub Zero” (Verse 1)
“Got weed stacked up like mountains, we smoke that shit by loads/
Got bezels around my watch, can’t see or even count it”

One thing that stands out about Young Thug is his use of imagery. He has a way of being very vivid in his verses. As you hear this you can picture the mountain of marijuana and a watch with so many diamonds that you can’t even make the time out.


“Take It” (Verse 2)
“Let that chopper sing to him like Pandora/
And I hope you got insurance on your daughter”

Another example of Young Thug’s unique imagery. He compares the sound of automatic weapons to the popular radio app and also warns fathers to have “insurance plans” for their daughters, most likely because he’s going to mess her up, Daquan style.

“Take It” (Verse 1)
“Even though I killed a pussy nigga, I hope he go to heaven”

Young Thug is sentimental with his gangsta. He doesn’t wish the worst for his enemies, instead he kills them and wishes them to the Promised Land. Who knew Thugga had morals?


“Tell Her Nothin'” (Verse 2)
“I will be with her, until we ancient see/
She like big ol’ boogers on her ankles and feet/
And she ain’t no hooker, but she dance for me/
And she accept my partner even though he a thief”

“Tell Her Nothin'” deals with Thugga falling completely in love. The girl compliments his lifestyle pretty well. She’s expensive, treats him special, and doesn’t judge him for his wrongdoings.

Trigger Finger” (Verse 1)
“Choppers, AK’s, Hand Grenades We take that kill shit no payback/
But ill kill you and listen close no mistake that/
But we don’t play basketball, bitch there’s no take back

Thugga is a fool with the artillery. His wordplay and imagery is a little underrated here too. Another underrate trait of Thugga’s is his ability to switch the flow and delivery on the dime. You never know what’s coming next.


Verdict: Young Thug is an anomaly. He’s hard to understand in many ways, but something about that is what connects with the people. We feel him as an artist more than anything. His fearlessness in being himself through and through is what separates him from others in his lane and as we can see it’s going to take him far. 1017 Thug 2 is going to keep his buzz brewing no matter what anybody says. He’s energetic throughout, has catchy hooks (“1017 Lifestyle,” “Sub Zero”), and stayed true to himself. If that doesn’t work then at the very least – controversy sells.


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