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Dear Joe Budden, Stick to Something You’re Good At…Like Reality TV. Battle Rap, On The Other Hand? Eh, Not So Much: Unsolicited Advice


Dear Joe Budden,

So normally I use this column to give heavy advice to those who need it, but I want to talk about your performance at Total Slaughter the other night.

We’re talking the most anticipated rap battle of the year as you already know, and so in result you lost pretty big to Hollow Da Don and made a pretty dramatic exit if I must say.  The crowd booed you until you ran off and I’m slightly confused as to why you let that happen in the first place.  But if we’re all being honest here, you kinda had it coming.  (Your delivery could have used some help…)

You’re a signed artist so I get where you’re coming from and no offense or anything, but you pretty much showed us you’re not much of a battle rapper…or a battle rapper at all. Putting down your mic as soon as you started to hear people booing just proved it.  If you really wanted that title…you would have moved past it.  No exceptions.

On the brighter note, I want to applaud you for being such a good sport.  It’s nice to see rappers, much like yourself, keeping the culture alive by supporting winners and admitting your losses.  It’s pretty damn cool to see sportsmanship being played out. Way to go Joe.

But getting back to your epic loss, let’s talk about what your next move is going to be or better yet, what it should be…

  1. Practice makes perfect, right?  If you want to be thrown into this battle next time, you need to work on your delivery.  This isn’t a recording studio. No room for mistakes!  Let’s try to one up next year, cool?
  2. Your album.  It’s coming out soon this year. You’re better off putting all your energy into that rather than all the other nonsense behind.  I’m hoping the project will be better than Saturday night.
  3. Don’t let the negativity get to you.  So you had a mishap and got booed from the crowd.  I get it. You felt defeated, but that is no reason to drop your mic and stop doing your thing.  Next time, you push through it and show those haters what you’re made of.  Got it?
  4. When your next battle comes around…don’t go around flaunting how much you’re banking off of the event with the anticipation to win.  You look like a jerk and even MORE of a loser when you get crushed.

And just a little future tip for your next battle; telling the crowd to stop booing…will naturally result in more booing.

Better luck next time, (but I really hope there isn’t a next time).

Yours truly,


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