Apparently, Drake Ripped Off Lyrics From a California Rapper & Paid Big For It


We’ve all heard Drake’s verse in YG’s “Who Do You Love?” But is it true that his verse isn’t technically his? TMZ got word that not only did Drake jock his verse from another rapper out of California, but he also paid him off so that no legal action would ensue.

4-Tay dropped a song in 1994 called “Playaz Club”. The rapper was offended that no credit whatsoever was given to him but no charges were ever filed. This is because supposedly Drake’s camp reached an agreement that would promise $100,000 to 4-Tay for “borrowing” his rhymes. Needless to say, 4-Tay now loves the song.

Just listen to the similarities here:

YG ft Drake “Who Do You Love?”

4-Tay “Playaz Club”

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