Kreayshawn Opens Up About Being Catfished By Diplo Impersonator


Where’s Niev and Max when you need them? If you all remember, Kreayshawn busted out on the scene with her hit “Gucci Gucci” a couple years back. But before she saw that shine, apparently it was “Diplo” who was encouraging her to pursue her career all along. From 2009 to 2011, the raunchy femcee was emailing who she thought was Diplo back and forth after she got one of her videos featured on his Mad Decent blog.

Once their conversations strayed away from music, “Diplo” started sending her dick pics and craved for a sextape from her. Eventually, she found the real Diplo on Twitter and confronted him about the nude pictures, which he instantly denied. However, once the real Diplo explained that he had a tattoo on his, um, crotch area, Kreayshawn began to realize she was getting played.

Check out her vlog which explains the entire story.

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