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Is This The Next Huge Rap Hit Of The Summer?

Bobby Shmurda has taken over the New York airwaves and terrorized others around the country who just can’t BELIEVE this guy has got a hit on his hands – but he does. Attribute “Hot Nigga”‘s sound to whatever region you want, but it’s heating up around the country regardless.

Yet just as soon as the Shmurda dance invaded the public’s eye, another unorthodox rapper might be forcing his way into the conversation – and yes, he’s a Southern rapper. His name is Makkonen and though he seems to have come out of nowhere, he rolls with a heavy set of star producers, including Mike Will Made It, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, and others. His newest project is called I LOVE MAKONNEN and it starts with a pair of potential hits.

The first one is “Too Much,” produced by Metro Boomin with a beat that sounds like a transmission from a distant planet made of Sizzurp. Makkonen’s sing-song delivery is unmatched right now; yes, plenty of rappers are dabbling in it, but nobody has nailed it like this guy. Just listen to that chorus.

“Don’t Sell Molly No More” is the one to watch, though. “I got the gas…and the coke / I don’t sell MOLLAAAAAY… mo!” As long as rap is capitalizing on molly use, we might as well celebrate someone who refuses to sell it. Trinidad James popped it, Makonnen dropped it. He keeps the white and the green anyway (but it’s gotta be a pint if you’re looking for the lean).

Is the ATL rapper Makonnen next to blow? Let us know.

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