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Does Troy Ave Have A Secret Gay/Mentally Disabled Child?

Does Troy Ave Have a Secret Gay/Mentally Disabled Son?

In the weeks since Troy Ave’s vicious takedown at the hands of Noisey, people have been digging through the New York rapper’s twitter and finding some…less than distasteful tweets.

Now, everybody has their moments on social media when they said something impulsively or didn’t fully think out their thoughts before broadcasting them to the world. We all make mistakes – it’s okay. But there seems to be at least one pattern that you can trace throughout Troy Ave’s Twitter activity since 2009 – his occupation with choosing between a gay child and a mentally disabled child.

Noz da gawd made light of it the other day, but he doesn’t take credit for being the original Tweet excavator. Check out the images below of Troy Ave’s fascination with a gay/mentally disabled child through the years. Is he hiding something?

Troy, if you have anything to say, you should know your fans are here for you. Your haters might even come to sympathize with you if something as personal as this were to be revealed. They might not have thought you were bringing skeletons back along with New York, but they’ll understand. Keep your head up – and don’t let these dark thoughts consume you.

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