Unsolicited Advice

Dear Amina Buddafly, Love and Hip Hop Do Not Mix. We Want to Help You & Your Unborn Child. P.S. Fifth Time Is NOT A Charm… (Unsolicited Advice)

Amina buddafly

Dear Amina Buddafly,

Congratulations on your future addition to your “family” (let’s use that word loosely).  I’m sure you and Peter are very happy, 8th kid, 5th baby mama…well, at least Peter’s happy. Talk about every man’s dream.

And that’s exactly why I’m writing to you…to talk about Peter Gunz.  Girl, I’m sorry but you are simply delusional if you think that what you two have is considered a real marriage.  I don’t care what kind of contract you have with the show to stay with Peter but you should really consider tearing it up for the sake of your own sanity and, now, new family.  You admitted that he was forced to rap on one of your songs just a few months ago. Publicity stunt?  I think so!

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the Love and Hip Hop drama.  You need to get it through your head that you happened to be the home wrecker to begin with.  I don’t care what your excuse is. It happened so accept it.  Tara will be in your life for a long time seeing that your kids will be half-siblings (bless their young tainted hearts).  But as much as your mistakes have gotten you into trouble, I think that for the sake of your own family you need to drop your so called hubby.

Now let’s see if we can get through to your brainwashed head, shall we?

  1.  He’s shady.  I don’t care if he says he’s trying to change for the better.  Relationship tip numero uno: Once a cheater always a cheater.  I personally don’t want to think about where he’s been dipping his toes, but just remember you are number 5. And your child is number 8. Let that sink in and marinate for a while. I’ll wait…
  2. You’re having a baby Amina. Like a real life living breathing human that will absorb everything you teach her. It’s time to get your sh*t together. You clearly like music, so maybe you should work on selling some records, staying out of the public eye for a bit and finding yourself a real husband who you won’t have to keep a tight leash on…just some thoughts.
  3. For the sake of your baby, please don’t contaminate her with your toxic marriage. The child didn’t do anything to deserve this torture!
  4. Just last month, you both sat down in an interview where he admitted he was going to therapy…and you didn’t know! What kind of wife doesn’t know her husband is going to therapy?? None! Nada! Zip! There’s this important thing that keeps a family together. It’s called communication, maybe you’ve heard of it? Who am I kidding, of course you haven’t…

If you think Peter is your Ride or Die, maybe you should be checking into some therapy yourself. Just something to sleep on.
Best of luck to your “family” and future baby girl as we all know she’s going to need it.

Yours truly,


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