Watch Out! Drake Torched The ESPY’s, Nas FINALLY Releases “Represent” Visual & Someone Tried Ebro’s Life


How do you all even remember what happened last week? With everything that went down this week, it’s totally understandable if you forgot about that huge assignment at work that was due at the top of the week but you’re now currently rushing to complete before 5:00 today. For those who aren’t going through that struggle, then you’re probably aware that Drake is a complete clown after seeing his hosting abilities at the 2014 ESPY’s and you probably laughed when you found out he had to cough up 100 stacks after basically ripping his entire verse from YG’s “Who Do You Love”.

I’m sure you had some questions after you saw Star try Ebro’s life on-camera at Total Slaughter but after trolling his Twitter timeline, you realized that maybe that was bound to happen at some point in the near-distant future. It’s also likely that Total Slaughter proved that maybe Joe Budden isn’t the missing link of battle rap. How about throwing Kanye West in the ring? Since his attempts at reality TV keep failing miserably, his bars from the Fat Beats show almost 20 years shows he might have potential… or nah?

Illmatic fans, you can rest easy now that Nasty Nas finally dropped a visual for “Respresent”. But now that the World Cup is done, the epic 10th annual Brooklyn Festival behind us and Dame Dash’s lawyer living it up during his two-week notice, there’s still one question that may still be plaguing trolls around the world: Does Troy Ave have a secret gay/mentally challenged son? Watch out and click through to catch up on the most trending stories in music this week.

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