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Nobody Knows Exactly What Karlie Hustle Does, But We Think She Prefers It That Way.


Rising corporate celeb and radio shot caller, Karlie Hustle, sat on her rooftop to tell us a little bit about her hustle. Aside from her trademark bow tie and VH1 appearance, deeming Karlie as Ebro’s right hand woman, what else do we know about Karlie? She admits not many people are familiar with her work and takes pride saying “The reason you don’t know what I do is because I don’t f*ck anything up.”

Karlie released the #HustleBowTie a few weeks back and in no time the product sold out. Bow ties are now back in stock, this time in different color ways, via KarlieHustle.com. Be sure to check them out and get yours before they’re all gone…again.

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