SCV Teens Become Target of Twitter Purge, Hundreds of Nudes Are Leaked

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The Purge may have hit theaters on Friday, but a “Twitter Purge” hit the internet on Thursday, July 19th causing quite the uproar.

It began late Wednesday when the Twitter handle @Scv_Purge began releasing full nude body shots of local teenagers, later threatening to release the names. The account tweeted:

“Stay tuned till 12am tonight for what you all have been waiting for…. THE BIG PURGE”

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The first strike occurred around 1AM on Thursday, July 19th. The “Scv Purge” account began asking for submissions of nude photos of high school students. A total of 17 pictures were leaked before the account was shut down by Twitter due to its violation of its Child Exploitation policy, but soon after another account appeared this time under the handle @Scv_Purge1. This time, 20 photos were leaked.

The final attack occurred under the handle @Scv_Purge_1. This new account released pictures in a similar fashion to the previous accounts also threatening to release names. Moments later the account claimed to be finished and further activity did not continue.

All accounts have since been closed.

Santa Clarita Valley Teens Allegedly Post Nude Pictures On Twitt

One account under the name @scv_nice_purge attempted to lighten the mood by drawing clothes back on to the nude pictures. Another account under the name scv_purgefinal was created during the madness, claiming it’s just a fan site for the movie. Several Instagram accounts have also been created under similar names, but none have been proven to be run by the same user as the twitter accounts, and none have posted any of the child pornography that made the original famous, with many claiming pictures will only be released when a certain number of “followers” are accumulated.

The Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s department is currently investigating the events in place with hopes of finding the user behind the account.

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