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Bobby Shmurda Admits New York Was Influenced By Chicago Rap

Bobby Shmurda is the hottest artist in New York right now, hate it or love it. “Hot N*gga” is burning up, the Shmoney Dance is ubiquitous, and now he’s signed to Epic Records with his next single, “Computers,” on deck. But people have been curious about Shmurda’s sound, considering it sounds nothing like the traditional NY sound abd much more like the rap music coming out of Chicago.

In a recent interview, Shmurda denies Chitown’s influence on his own music, but does admit that kids in New York began “bang bangin” once the Drill scene began getting popular (see around 7:35 of the interview). Is this a loss for NY, or just a recognition of something that’s already widely known? Watch the interview above to come to your own conclusion.

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