Unsolicited Advice

Dear Farrah Franklin: Destiny’s Child May Be Over, But Your Career Isn’t! We Think You Should Make Use of The Publicity You’re Getting. (Unsolicited Advice)


Dear Farrah Franklin…ex Destiny’s Child member,

Oh you poor soul.  You just haven’t been the same since you were fired from Destiny’s Child have you?  I completely understand your outrage. I mean, being given the boot by one of the world’s MOST successful groups is a pretty haunting way to live the rest of your life.  So, what have you been doing since then?  Hold up…let me run a quick Wikipedia search on you…

Hmmm, not much to work with but I see that after you **left** Destiny’s Child you embarked on a solo mission:

Fo-Reel Entertainment…signed and dropped.  Fabolous Street Label…signed and dropped.

Things obviously didn’t work out for you after you tried the “acting thing.”  And then soon after that you transitioned to modeling…well kinda, and now you’re being arrested for disorderly conduct.  Heavy drinking, following through on a wild rampage slamming doors and screaming at the top of your lungs, then begging to sleep in the woods…what a resume you have!

Girlfriend, you have some issues to sort out because right now you are in the fast lane to going nowhere.  Let me give you some direction:

  1.  Get help.  It’s clear that after being released from one of the biggest girl groups of all time, you’ve had some damage to that brain of yours.  THIS is always step one to figuring it out.  Booze are never the answer…unless you’re going through a terrible break up, which I guess you have been…but whatever…my point is get it together, OK?
  2. Get a new project started.  You first joined the group for a reason; you obviously have a set of lungs on you so use them to your advantage.  Start putting out new music…GOOD music.  Don’t give record labels ANOTHER reason to drop you.  You’ve been dropped twice and you know they say third time’s a charm, but let’s not make this a habit…please.
  3. Make a name for yourself.  No offense or anything, but no one really knows who you are anymore so you’re going to have to work extra hard to put your name back on the map.  Realistically speaking, getting arrested is a great start, I guess. It certainly helped me remember you.
  4. Make amends.  Move on with your life, stop the partying and take a break from getting drunk. The word is “detox.” Orange just isn’t a good look on you.  The past is the past. Accept it, embrace it and move on!

I’m all for re-invention of the self, and you could really use it right about now.  You’re back in the spotlight because of this, so please do something (legal) about it.

Yours truly,


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