Rap Trivia

Random Rap Trivia, Vol. 1

Random Rap Trivia, Vol. 1

There are thousands of hip-hop facts out there. Did you know Jay-Z once shot his brother over drugs? Did you know Scarface tried to commit suicide when he was young? Did you know KRS-One was in a homeless shelter before he started rapping? And that’s just basic education.

Starting today, WatchLOUD will be running a different rap trivia quiz every week. This week, the theme is totally random, but you never know – it might be Wu-Tang trivia, it might be West Coast trivia, it might be all female one week. You may not know it all, but if you take our quizzes every week, bet you’ll become a Knowledge God. Word to Raekwon.

Take the first Random Rap Trivia quiz above, and let us know if you’re one of the bright ones. Otherwise, study up.

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