Unsolicited Advice

Dear Big Sean, Here’s Your Chance At Releasing A Dope Album, But Please Don’t Take The Robin Thicke Route. Oh, and You Should Also Get Your Ring Back… (Unsolicited Advice)

Big Sean

Dear Big Sean,

Boyyyy do you have a problem on your hands.  First, I’d like to sympathize with you for spending all that wasted time with your ex-fiancé, Naya Rivera.  Second, I would like to applaud you for gathering the brains to call off the engagement.  You obviously saw something in that relationship that wasn’t right and her recent stunt is living proof.

So Naya ran off and married her “best-friend” Ryan Dorsey after a mere THREE MONTHS of you guys calling off your engagement…hmm. Oh, and she’s also calling it “true love”—yea…no.

I’m assuming you know this was all a plot to get back at you.  She married on the same date, same gown, SAME RING.  Let’s face it, she should have just made a statement to the media about how much she hates your guts. It would’ve saved her all the time she’s going to waste when she starts filing divorce papers in about a week.

I can only imagine how you feel right now.  Torn up, shocked, confused, maybe even relieved…trust me I am right there with you.  But let me tell you something, although she may be acting like a total air head right now, you can turn the tables in your favor and this is how:

  1.  Turn to the music.  You know, as much as it sucks to have this happen to you, this sh*t makes some BANGIN’ writing material.  Not only will you be able to diss her through killer songs, but you’ll be making bank too…WIN.  (Just don’t pull a Robin Thicke and try to win her back.  Key word: revenge.)
  2. Find a new girl.  The best way to make someone feel even worse about them self is to move on and act like this doesn’t affect you in any way.  She obviously did this to take a stab at you, so what a better way to say f*ck you than by showing off your new girl to the world.
  3. If you’re really getting yourself down about it, say something if you must, but by all means DO NOT turn to twitter.  We don’t need a public explanation (although we’re all dying for one) but you’ll only fuel the fire.  Email tends to work best.
  4. Take back what is yours.  No not Naya, you’re lucky to have escaped that boat, I’m talking about the bling.  She still has that rock and she apparently used in their “ceremony.”  Tell them to go find their own ring elsewhere.

If all else fails, wish them all the luck and a long happy marriage, cause you know…all rebounds do.

Yours truly,


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