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Dear Trey Songz, If You Value Your Career You Should Stay Away From The Jenner Sisters. Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You… (Unsolicited Advice)

trey songz and jenner sisters

Dear Trey Songz,

Lets talk about the company you have been keeping lately.  Your Instagram has been covered with the Jenner girls and Chris Brown.  And you seemed to be getting a little too close for comfort with a certain (Kendall) Jenner.  Now before I get into it, ask yourself this (it could save your life):  “Do I really want to go down this Kardashian road?”

I’m not assuming that anything has happened—though I really am—but just in case this little rendezvous continues, I think you need to be prepared for the territory that comes with the Jenners.

I never EVER thought I would have to have this talk with you, but what’s done is done and so I advise you to take some notes and VERY important consideration:

  1. If you’re smart (and I’m assuming you are) stay away.  I don’t care if you’re just associated with the girl but you have to understand that once you go down that road you will forever be associated with the Kardashian name, and trust me it’s not something you need.  I’m sure she is a very sweet girl but keep your distance. It’s for your own good.
  2. If there is one thing about the Kardashian/Jenner clan, it’s that they will cling to you for dear life to make a headline.  It’s happened so many times that it’s just a blatant fact now.  I would hate for your beautiful face to be walked all over.
  3. Speaking about being used, it just looks like the girls want to follow in their sister’s footsteps, don’t be another name added onto the Kardashian/Rappers list.  First Kanye and now French.  I’m sorry but every time I hear their songs, the KUWTK theme songs starts to quietly build up in my head.  I prefer to steer clear of that, please and thank you.
  4. You know that saying, “you are the company you keep”?  Yea…enough said.

If this doesn’t convince you enough their show will definitely do all the thinking for you.  I’m sure you can find some spare time and watch some old episodes on demand.

Also, please refer to the advice I wrote to French a few weeks ago, it’s too late for him now but it’s not for you!  Just think it though before you decide to make any rash decisions.

Yours truly,


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