Orlando Blooms Becomes A Hero After Punching Justin Bieber in The Face


Pop-Star Justin Bieber and actor Orlando Bloom are reported to have gotten into an argument that almost turned physical at a restaurant in Ibiza. We can see things seeming to escalate in the video above as someone rushes over to host, what seems like, Bieber back.

Orlando Bloom was at a restaurant in Cipriani. One thing led to another and Bloom was seem throwing a jab at Bieber, according to witnesses on the scene. It was reported that once Bieber left the restaurant the crowd applauded.

The incident’s cause has yet to be confirmed, but the two celebs do have a rocky history. In the past Bieber’s gotten angry at on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez for allegedly flirting with Bloom, but that’s not it. After being seen hanging out with Miranda Kerr at the Victoria Secret 2013 Fashion Show it’s rumored that Bieber is the cause of her and Bloom’s split.

But things get better. Shortly after the incident Bieber posted this picture on his Instagram only to, of course, later delete it.

Miranda Kerr

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