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The 5 Best Battles of Dizaster’s Career (On YouTube)

Best Dizaster Battles

If you’re Eminem’s favorite battle rapper, you aren’t just nice – you’re dazzling. You don’t just master the mechanics; you have flare, charisma, and acute attention to detail. You can stun a whole room with one line and then send it up the next.

Dizaster is Eminem’s favorite battle rapper, and he’s earned it. He’s rattled off insane bars all over the world, taken down some of the scene’s best, and even embarrassed Canibus. Now it looks like he’s gearing up to do something radical to the rap battle scene, but while we wait for his announcement, let’s look back at the 5 Best Dizaster Battles (On YouTube)

Note: obviously, not all of Dizaster’s battles are available to view on Youtube, so if you have a better selection that isn’t online, let us know in the comments what battles you think are Diz’s best. 

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