Unsolicited Advice

Dear NFL, Your Priorities Need Sorting. We Suggest You Revisit Your Rule Book & Make Some Changes… (Unsolicited Advice)

Ray Rice

Dear NFL,

You’ve been making quite the share of headlines over some of your players; Ray Rice, Josh Gordon…Let’s talk about Ray Rice and Josh Gordon.

I am looking at two very different cases and two VERY different levels of penalties.  Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?

Ray Rice is being suspended for TWO GAMES for knocking his fiancé unconscious.  So domestic violence will get you a small penalty? Got it.  Now, Josh Gordon failed a drug test and his ENTIRE SEASON is on the line.  Can you spot the out of place detail here?  Because I’m almost positive the rest of the world can.

I’m sure you’re in a bit of a tough spot here with the media and the public pressuring you and all… and CLEARLY your heads are not in the right place, so let me shed some light on the situation:

  1. You can appeal a domestic violence case, but God forbid you take the wrong medication and you’re done for?  Like I said before, please spot the difference and do something about this.  Or at least get some medical expertise that proves pot really makes a substantial difference in a player’s performance (it’s the off-season, in case you didn’t know).  Until that day comes, please sort out you priorities.
  2. Re-write the rules.  Or at least take some consideration into the changes that need to be made about the inequalities in NFL penalties for players who break the law.  This whole thing has been turned into a power game and it’s not fun.
  3. Speaking directly to Roger Goodell; as the commissioner of the NFL you handled the domestic violence situation ALL wrong and now your name is being viewed in a negative light, good job.  Speaking directly to Ray Rice: as a player and member of the NFL you should have followed through on this matter with a little more respect.  Main point:  It’s time to do some damage control.
  4. Speaking of damage control; I’m tired of this issue being left silent.  You already made a statement about the drug related problem, I’m sure the world would love to be humored by your response to the relation between these two penalties.  This is an on going issue and you need to make a statement about it.

You’re a professional business who obviously cares about your professional image.  So please, do something professional about it.

Yours truly,


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